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It is not only an ancient Indian tradition and custom to show respect to any holy place or site by wearing appropriate clothes and behaving in respectful manner. The Holy Hill and city of Sri Arunachala, its various large and small Temples, Shrines, and Ashram deserve such thoughtful consideration.

Before entering, please, always leave shoes outside at the designated place. Carrying shoes within a bag is as offensive as wearing them.

Ladies: If not wearing a Saree, Salwar-Kamees or other traditional dress, wear loose and sleeved clothing (no see-through), covering chest, shoulders, and legs.

Men: If not wearing a dhoti, kurtha or another traditional outfit, wear a sleeved shirt (not an under-shirt/sleeveless baniyan) over long pants.

Wearing shorts/jatti and other summer and beach-like wear are a sign of disrespect.

Code of Conduct

As this is an Ashram, one needs to be sensitive to the needs of the Devotees; therefore please act respectfully and follow the few traditional and customary rules.

We trust new and old Devotees have come for a period of quiet study, reflection, and meditation only. Please find alternative places for sight-seeing, meeting relatives and friends, or transacting other personal business.

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